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The Gables

Independent Living Apartments


Criteria for Residency in the Gables

  • People who have no children living at home and are 55 years of age or older are encouraged to apply for residency at The Village Gables Apartments at Thurston Woods Village.
  • Be cognitively functional.  Be able to find the dining room and their own homes without help from a Companion after the initial period of adjustment, have little difficulty with person/place/time orientation, and not have a tendency to wander outside or into other residents’ apartments.
  • Be independently mobile (with or without mobility devices) and be able to transport themselves around campus without assistance.  Must be able to exit the building independently in an emergency.
  • Be able to dress themselves and care for their own personal hygiene needs.  Receiving services from a home-health agency in addition to those provided by Thurston Woods Village does not make a resident ineligible for residency; however, increased care needs in areas other than hygiene or a combination of increased care needs may make a resident ineligible.
  • Be able to safely and adequately manage any bladder or bowel incontinence and care of a colostomy, ileostomy, or catheter.  Help from a home-health agency in caring for these devices are acceptable.  A urinary odor in a unit is unacceptable and must be controlled.
  • Be able to manage any medications with minor assistance from a nurse predispensing medications weekly and Companions providing reminders daily.
  • A resident exhibiting behavior problems disturbing to other residents is inappropriate.  If the behavior problem(s) can be controlled as a result of family, home health and mental-health intervention, the resident may be permitted to remain.
  • If a resident becomes mentally or physically incapacitated and is unable to handle personal or financial affairs, Thurston Woods Village may petition a court or competent jurisdiction to appoint an independent conservator or guardian.

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