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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Thurston Woods Village located?

We are located three miles north of the Indiana / Michigan state lines in the far south of St. Joseph County about fifty miles directly south of Kalamazoo, Michigan. There are local restaurants available and hotels just south on the edge of town.
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I’m a smoker, is that a problem?

Smoking is only allowed in your personal vehicle or inside your Village Home or your Gables Apartment.  You are not allowed to smoke on the grounds or in any other building.

Can residents leave and go overnight anywhere?

There are no restrictions except at Froh Community Home. If you are paying privately at Froh you may leave overnight at any time for any length of time. If your stay at Froh is being provided by Medicaid then you may stay overnight anywhere for up to 18 days in a calendar year. If your stay is being supported by Medicare then you cannot stay overnight anywhere but must be in the building before 11:45 pm each day, always check out with the staff during any leave so we can ensure you are safe.

What about televisions and phones at Froh Community Home?

You are responsible for securing phones. The cost of phone service is directly billed by the local phone company.  Televisions are provided in Froh Community Home.

What are the visiting hours?

There are no restrictions at the Independent Living facilities. At the Froh Community Home and Villa there are also no restrictions however if you are going to be later than 10:00 you should phone ahead as we lock the doors shortly after 10:00 and need to let you in. We ask only during late night visits you respect the privacy of all the residents.

What clothes should I bring my love one when they are admitted at Froh Community Home?

Comfortable loose fitting clothing enough for 7 days including socks, underwear. Shoes or slippers with non-skid soles. Each resident is required to be dressed each day. Dusters are acceptable. You may elect to do the laundry or we provide that service at no charge. Be sure all items are labeled with the resident’s name.

At Froh Community Home do you provide transportation for medical appointments?

Transportation is provided by following the State and Federal guidelines. Additional charges apply in certain circumstances.

Do you allow pets?

You do not have to leave your pet behind when you move into our Manor, Gables or Village Homes. There are some restrictions on size, type, numbers, etc and a pet deposit is required.  The Villa and Nursing Center cannot accommodate residents with pets.

How about visiting pets?

We like to see pets on our campus and encourage you to bring your pets to visit. Pets must be on a leash or in a cage and with the owner at all times. Owners are responsible for clean up. Pet must be good natured and in good health. They are not allowed in dining areas.

What happens when I’m no longer able to live independently and need more services or care?

Residents can expect to live in the least restrictive environment and at the highest level of independence that is safe for themselves and other residents. When this is no longer possible, our staff will work with the resident, their family, their physician, etc, to transfer to another facility/level of care. Thurston Woods Village residents have priority placement in any of our facilities, if a space is available and they meet the requirements of that facility.

What if I can’t get out to get my hair done?

We have two beauty shops on campus. Village Hair Care, located in the main building, and Hair Sensations, in the Nursing Center, provide hair care to both men and women. You may arrange to have beauty shop charges billed on your monthly bill or may pay at the shop.

If I’m in the Nursing Center or Villa, what do I do about Church?

There are several church services offered at our facility or you may attend a church of your choice.

Do you have to purchase duplex units in Independent housing?

We offer the flexibility of renting or buying either a duplex unit or an apartment. You chose the option that best fits your needs. See Jessica Leathers, Director of Independent Housing.

When will I receive my statement?

Statements are sent the 25th of each month pre-billing for the next month. The payments are due by the 10th of that month.

Will Medicare pay for the nursing home?

In order for Medicare to pay for nursing home care, you need to meet certain qualifications. The first is a 3 day hospital stay. This means you were in the hospital for 3 nights and discharge was on the 4th day or later. The next requirement, you need to be receiving a skilled service provided by a licensed nurse or therapist.

Will Medicare pay for the Assisted Living?

No, Medicare only pays for qualified residents receiving a skilled service in a nursing home. But, if therapy is needed while in our Assisted Living unit, we do provide that service. Medicare Part B covers those services and will pay 80% of the cost.

Will Medicaid pay for assisted living?


What are the qualifications for Medicaid?

At the present time, you are allowed one home and one car. Your total assets need to be under $2000, and you have not given or changed ownership of assets within the last five years. You will need to be aware of any life insurance policy and if that policy carries cash value, as the cash value counts towards the $2000 limit. This is a brief summary and you should contact your local Department of Human Services for complete information.

What can I bring from home for my room at Froh Community Home?

We encourage you to make the room as home like as possible without risking your safety or infringing on your roommates space. Often times this includes a favorite chair, corner cabinet for small items, pictures and other wall hangings. Do to the strict fire safety standards extension cords are not allowed or devices that plug into the outlet directly to make it have more outlets. If you what to bring in a bulletin board for the wall you must check with maintenance before hanging it.

How do I know if my loved one belongs in the Froh Community Home (nursing facility) or Villa (assisted living)?

Contact our admission staff and they will be able to assist you in making that decision.

Can I eat with my loved one and how much does it cost?

The Froh Community Home you are welcomed to eat with your loved one for a small fee. At Froh Community Home you may request a private area for large family gathering for special occasions. You are welcomed to eat with your loved one in our activity room if space is available and your loved one does not need special feeding interventions. Check with the Activities Director, Sue Gray.

Residents at the Villa may have guests.  Prices are available in the business office.  The receptionist can forward you to the appropriate department to make reservations.  To arrange for large family gatherings, special functions or celebrations, contact the Director of Assisted Living (The Villa), Virginia Jordan.

Do you have a Notary Public on staff?

Yes, contact Shannon Teadt at 269-651-7841 Monday through Friday.

How do I go about getting a financial or medical power of attorney?

Paperwork for both financial and medical power of attorney are available in the Social Services/ Admission office. Assistance with the forms is also available.

Can I keep my doctor?

Yes, you may always visit your physician of choice at their office and there are some physicians that will see you at the facility. At Froh Community Home you also must elect a physician to follow you at the facility that has privileges.

Can I keep my car?

You are welcome to keep a car that you are driving on the facility grounds except if you are a resident of Froh Community Home then you cannot have a car. If the vehicle that you have at Froh Community Home is a modified van that you have someone use for you, it may be kept on the facility grounds.